Jay Conrad Levinson

Chris Howard

I am pleased and honoured to know Ben Harvey. He’s an expert on change. Once people listen to Ben, they are able to implement things they have learned and take action.

Jay Conrad Levinson

My decision to ask Ben Harvey to coach me in my wellness and life coaching business, Face Body Wellness, was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ben helped me to package my coaching sessions, so it is easy for my clients to understand the program I offer, and commit to a positive change in their life.

One of the biggest light bulb moments was to get the idea that I have to be absolutely confident in what I do and how I can help others. Ben calls it “Authentic Confidence”. People know –subconsciously – if someone walks their talk or if they doubt themselves. With Ben’s encouragement I quickly gained confidence, and immediately people seemed to notice. The reward for me was of course that they bought my coaching programs.
I can only encourage you to work with Ben as it is a lot of fun and the results are great! I now run a successful wellness centre with many coaching clients.


If you are considering doing any type of training with Ben Harvey he is a true pro. We have been quite successful with his help to grow our business to $22million in global sales pretty much over night. One thing that I noticed about Ben is not only is he professional but he has this enthusiasm for what he does and he has the ability to ignite with in people a sense of inspiration.

Chris Howard

Before starting coaching with Ben I only managed to get clients who signed up for around 3 months and only ever completed a maximum of 10 coaching sessions with me. This meant I could get them past their presenting issues and pain but not really much further. Thanks to Ben’s amazing guidance, 75% of my clients are now signed up for 12 months which has meant that I can now lead them towards the life they truly want.

My coaching income has doubled in just 12 months without me even focusing on finance! This year my focus is on finance and I look forward to what exciting things I can create in my coaching business with Ben’s assistance.


Ben is one of those friends and assets that you want to keep forever. He has a gift and talent for helping people get what they want and deserve. Mozart’s gift was music, Steve Job’s gift is innovation and Ben’s gift is uncovering his client’s true personal power and wealth path. Associating with and being in Ben’s inner circle is one of the smartest moves you can make. After being coached by Ben I was able to breakthrough my blockages and make a $250,000 sale in 90 minutes. I urge you to see Ben live in action because it something you don’t want to miss that could change your life!


Ben Harvey really is the coaches’ coach. Under his expert guidance I’ve turned a talent into a thriving business, Growing Content. My coaching services are now packaged so it is easy to sign clients up for 12 months, increasing their results and my cash flow. I love it when they choose the Paid in Full bonus option.

I now have a coaching business structure to work within and clearer goals, and the difference that has made is remarkable. My workshops and speaking gigs are increasing in both quality and quantity (18 locked in already, and it’s only January), and now I can sell with integrity they consistently result in more quality coaching clients.

If you are serious about making a great living with coaching, you really need to systemise your business too, and the only person to teach you is Ben Harvey.


Hi Ben,

Just wanted to share with you the ‘teensy bit’ of success I’ve had since I came back from Sydney

  • 5 new clients,
  • spoken to 12 people about my series of 6 lunchtime seminars, of those 12, sold 6 paid in full for all 6 seminars and booked 2 for one on one coaching,
  • started my weekly radio spot on MTR1377 which is going really well
  • had a quote to coach a ‘victim of crime’ compensation client accepted, to the tune of $2500, starting tonight,
  • been offered an ongoing coaching gig for corporate clients in Melbourne at $400/hour
  • sacked a client for continually changing his appointments (this is huge for me) and told the universe I only want clients who are ready to change and are prepared to pay me lots of love in return

So, as you can see, just a teensy weensy bit of success! I’m just loving this. I think my turning point was the first day also.

Ingrid Perri


Thanks so much for all your valuable teachings with selling with integrity! Very very MUCH appreciated. Ii just landed five contracts worth over $3M p.a to supply IGA supermarkets.

You’re a freak.

I seriously wished I had done your course 14 years ago when I finished high school. It would’ve really given me a massive advantage.

On reflection over the years, throughout my selling career, I couldn’t understand why sometimes I could sell shit loads of semi-trailers of product, and some days I couldn’t sell a single carton. You’ve seriously given me not only the key, but the combination lock as well to the ULTIMATE safe – SELLING WITH INTEGRITY.

Now it’s time to bring it! You’re the best!


Ben taught me one technique that took about 5 minutes to learn and it netted me $50,000 in 4 months, and it doesn’t matter if someone rejects me anymore…..Brilliant!


Hi Ben,

I have just finished reading your eBook Breaking Through Your Belief Systems and just had to write to you and say Thank You!

Over the past fifteen years I have spent thousands of dollars in the “Self-Development” field, and I have absolutely enjoyed my journey. I have studied NLP and even done Master Practitioner of NLP, have a diploma of life coaching and studied many of the masters including Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Brain Tracy.

Whilst everything I have learned has been beneficial none have impacted me as much as you. Your ability to take learnings, explain them in a way that is practical, scientific and woo-woo at the same time is extraordinary and beyond that you show easy and practical ways to implement them into our lives.

What I have learned in the short time I have known you is amazing and has already changed my life. Thank you for your generosity, your incredible knowledge and your commitment to make change easy for everybody.

I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Yvonne Ralph

I was looking for a change in life and feeling desperate, sad, and sick of everything and completely lost in thoughts. I received (mysteriously?) an invitation to attend Ben’s workshop. I knew that this was definitely going to be the workshop for me. For sure!

The workshop has changed me a lot, Ben opened a channel and I became filled with pure love & peace. My life has changed since that experience and I have found meaning and I am happy & thankful every single day to be here and be able to share a smile and love with anybody in need.


Ben Harvey is a true master of helping people change. He clarified my purpose and also taught me techniques that have changed my negative self talk permanently.


I had been suffering with depression for one and a half years. After a short 29 minute phone call with Ben I have never had a single episode of depression since. Ben not only healed me but he turned my whole life around. He taught me to follow my heart and now I am in the process of leaving my partner and creating the life I have always dreamt of. I wish that everyone who is suffering from depression could find Ben just like I did. I feel so blessed!Thank you so so much.

Danyelle Anderson
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